Day 13: Homeward Bound

We woke up in Joplin, MO and headed out by 8am. Like two horses headed for the barn, neither of us were interested in making too many stops today. Here are just a few pics from the ride home.

Entering Northern Arkansas

You can’t really tell it from this photograph, but the rolling landscape of Arkansas is quite beautiful.

Backroads Arkansas

First Arkansas Welcome Center we came across…in SOUTHERN Arkansas

Beautiful spot behind the Welcome Center

Panola Pepper Company, Lake Providence, LA

Burnside Plantation, Newellton, LA




The Great Adventure is at an end. After 12 states, 1 Canadian Province, 8 hotels, untold bags of ice, 5601 miles, and a gasoline bill I am scared to look at, we have arrived safely at home.

I hope that those of you who have followed our trip via this blog have enjoyed it and those that felt, after checking it out once and thought I was “over sharing”, just skipped on over the rest. No hard feelings!

Paul and I have had a wonderful trip and plan for many more down the road.

Until then…


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