#2-Every age…

I used to be the kind of person who looked forward. Not the good way. But the “I can’t wait until my kids are out of diapers” way. The “I can’t wait until the holidays are over” or the “I can’t wait until school ends/starts” way. You get it. 

I was the person who was on the “train of life” impatiently waiting for the next stop; always thinking what was around the corner would be better or easier in some way. 

But then a very wise woman (I’m looking at you Mrs Cam!) told me something years ago that changed my life. She said there is something wonderful about every age of life. It’s wonderful when you are a newlywed. It’s wonderful when your kids are small. It’s wonderful when they grow and become more independent. It’s wonderful when they leave home and it’s just you and your husband again. It’s wonderful spending time with grandchildren. Every age has something to love!!

In those stages and all the others, life is wonderful! It goes by quick! While there is nothing wrong with looking forward to the next stop on the train, I needed to stop and enjoy the view out the window. 

Because pretty soon it would be gone and the train doesn’t go back. 

I learned…there’s something wonderful about every age!



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