#3-The 2 Day Rule

“Speak when you are angry – and you’ll make the best speech you’ll ever regret.” -Dr. Laurence J. Peter

I have this friend who is quick on his feet. He is smart and witty…he always knows what to say on the spot! (You know who you are! 😘)

That’s not me. 😏 If I open my mouth too soon the wrong thing comes out! (I’m the person who thinks of the perfect response days later. 😐)

Number 3 on my list is the “2 Day Rule”. 

I’ve learned that if I am really upset I should wait 2 days (at least!) before responding. Usually I’ve calmed down a bit, can think more clearly, and can express my thoughts in a way I won’t regret. 

If you are like me it’s not always easy to hold your tongue when you want to say something. (I just think it instead. 😜) 

And then like those rock tumblers we had when we were kids, I roll that thought around and polish it up before I let it out. I’m less likely to regret my words down the road. 

I’ve learned…the 2 day rule!



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