Day 1: Kansas

It was a great day to begin a road trip! Sunny weather and weekend traffic combined to make the ride today pretty nice. First stop…


Then it was lunch time.

Paul’s favorite!

Moving on down the road to

Welcome to Oklahoma!

A few more hours and then

Gotta love Kansas!

After so many hours (and miles) we were treated to this beautiful sunset.

A Prairie Sunset

We have stopped for the night and will hit it again tomorrow. I must say that as a person who has taken road trips all her life, they are not quite the same in today’s world. With cell phones and iPads and XM (Geaux Tigers!) you never really feel disconnected from home. I can’t imagine how those women in covered wagons had to courage to do it back in the day!

Until tomorrow…


The Great Adventure!

6 am and we are off! Paul and I have dreamed for years of a road trip without a detailed plan and we are finally doing it. (Anyone who knows me KNOWS I love a plan so this is quite a leap!)

We are headed toward cooler temps and away from love bugs. Pics to follow!

Happy Trails!

P.S. Shout out to Norma Michaud who inspired me with her trip last summer. 🙂