#1-Everything cometh …

“Everything cometh to he who waiteth as long as he worketh like hell while he waiteth”

I don’t know who to originally attribute this quote to but I first heard it from my beloved father-in-law. We all did. So much so we put part of it on his tombstone! 

He was a wonderful man, one of the best people I’ve ever known. The same person all the time… smart, kind, calm, good. He showed his family who he was by how he lived. Love the Lord, work hard, treat everyone with dignity. 

One of the most important things I’ve learned in the first 50 years is that things don’t always happen on our timetables. It’s hard sometimes to be patient. But put your head down, keep working like hell, and you’ll get where you are supposed to be. 

I’ve learned…Everything cometh. ❤



What I’ve learned…. a project

As my big (50!) birthday was approaching I started thinking about a lot of things but especially all the things I’ve learned along the way. And since some people (my girls <cough cough>) tease me about having early onset dementia, I’ve made it a goal to list 50 of them over the next year. 

Some are quotes. Some are lessons. Some are random. I think they are interesting. Maybe you will too! 

If you are interested, enjoy!  #50in50
(I haven’t used this blog in quite awhile so please be patient with me as I relearn how to use it! 😊)