Day 5: Glacier National Park

Woke up to find out this is ahead of us today…

Remember how I couldn’t wait to get away from the heat and love bugs? Well “note to self”… be careful what you wish for.

On the way to the park we went through Cut Bank, MT, the coldest spot in the nation. (Or so they claim). He talks too! Don’t you just wonder who’s idea it was to build the penguin?


A few more miles down the road and we finally reach our main destination!

Of course we had to stop at the visitor’s center…

And watch the orientation movie…

One of us is excited about the movie and the other is not. Can you guess which is which?

Most of the day looked like this:


Until we got to Logan Pass!


Here are a few pics of the snow:





We left Logan Pass and made our way west in the park passing beautiful Lake McDonald.


And finally we arrive in Kalispell, MT, our base camp for the next few days. The weather is supposed to clear up and be sunny so we are hoping to get to really enjoy Glacier.

This little cutie was at the restaurant where we had dinner. So cute!


Let me close by saying I have never seen so many “casinos” and places that sell alcohol in all my life. And I’m from Louisiana! I think they call a casino any place that has a single video poker machine but really, it’s ridiculous. Restaurant and casino, bar and casino, laundromat and casino, gas station and casino, you get the picture. Too much!

And by the way, our low was 35 degrees today with no love bugs!! 🙂

Until tomorrow friends…


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